CoppaFeel! are on a mission to stamp out late detection of breast cancer by helping the people of Great Britain get to know their boobs. They ensure that you know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, know what your boobs look and feel like normally, check your boobs regularly throughout your lifetime and have the confidence to see a doctor if you notice anything that doesn’t feel right for you. How do they do this? By sneaking their reminder labels into your bras, putting stickers into your showers and getting their teams of kick-ass volunteers (their awesome Boobettes and the students in their Uni Boob Teams) to spread their message in universities, schools and colleges across the UK.

This year we’ll be heading around the UK, working with the CoppaFeel! Uni Boob teams in a bid to spread this vital message further. We’ll be holding Star in a Bra parties where we’ll be holding bra fittings and encouraging you to check your boobs. Because hey – those two things work so well together!

If you’re a little bit gutted you aren’t a Uni student anymore (yes real life sucks!) you can throw your own Star in a Bra Party with one of our party packs. And don’t worry; it’ll have loads of CoppaFeel! goodies in there too!

And whilst we have your attention, why not swot up on what to look out for when you’re copping a feel: